Horse Transport Devon

If you need to get a horse transported safely in Devon, you need the specialists. You need Goodwin Equestrian. There are very few companies that can offer such a high level of safety, welfare and affordability, and with full DEFRA registration, comprehensive insurance and WATO competence certificate, you know you’re getting the best.

Devon, Cornwall, nationwide

Although we’re based near Plymouth in Devon, that doesn’t restrict our transport services to the West Country. We’re able to transport horses all over the UK, and we can even offer significant discounts if the journey involves long stretches of motorway. These journeys are more economical for us, and we like to pass those savings on to our customers.

100% Horse Welfare

Whether you’re moving yards, buying a new horse or returning one from loan, we know that your number one concern will be the horse’s happiness. That’s our number one concern, too.

Breast bars can pose a threat to young or nervous horses, as they can attempt to jump over them and end up causing themselves damage. It’s for this reason that our modern, long stall box isn’t fitted with a breast bar. It’s also widely recognised in the industry that a full-height stallion partition (such as can be found in our vehicles) is the safest way to transport horses of all ages, sizes and dispositions.

Keeping costs down

As well as providing discounts for long motorway journeys, we’re also able to offer regular shared routes from Devon to the rest of the UK. So if you’re flexible on times and dates, you can often make big savings. Check our Shared loads and return loads page for more details.
Even if you can’t fit in with our shared journeys, you’ll still find our prices very reasonable. Local moves can cost as little as £45 (with no VAT charged).

So if you’re based in Devon and you need a reliable, affordable and professional horse transport service, Goodwin Equestrian is your perfect partner.